It began as a way to practice Catholicism in the Benedictine Way..."ora et labora," pray and work. Now, it's a thriving handmade jewelry business...something I truly never expected. Like my husband tells me time and time again, I am pretty blessed to be able to work and create things that make people happy. Using precious and semiprecious gemstones with antique Catholic medals, each piece of jewelry I make is one-of-a-kind. I devote hours and hours to each piece I make for you, from conception to creation, and I pore over my antiques and gems to find the perfect pairing. Inspiration comes to me from God's the colors of the sky at the sun's rising and setting, the hues found in the desert bloom or the moody shades of a thunderstorm. Most of the work I do is custom, where you can request specific gemstones, antique medals and sizes: sky's the limit.

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Emily Drapela, designer/maker/owner


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